25 Stories
25 Stories
Hama Woods

25 Stories

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Tittel : 25 Stories
Papirstørrelse : 40x40 cm
Edisjon : 25, signed and numbered
Teknikk : Giclee print on 290 gsm paper

*1 left with frame. Get in touch for availability. 

"Due to the caps being used repeatedly and strems of paint going trough, they clog up, are put aside and replaced by a new one. The caps’ lifespam is short but fulfills its potential. Their jurney can be seen by the marks on them.
In the last several years the caps have directly put life to the stencils on murals, canvases,
and paper. These caps have been used in for several years leading up to today. Many
ounces of paint going through each repeatedly, leaving marks from the work they have done.
Eventually, the caps clog up, are put aside, and replaced by a new one. The marks each
unique to the project they were used on from big murals in Detroit and Aberdeen, canvases in Chicago and London, a night out in Paris, studio work in Oslo. Layers and layers of paint filling up around the tiny pipe until it is over. Even though the caps' lifespam is short, each has a particular story that add to my journey as an artist.
Therefore giving you 25 stories."

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