Luis Bivar

Luis Bivar started painting at an early age and has since then explored a variety of techniques, including drawing, sculpture and collage. The repetition and abundance of pop culture icons successfully hypnotises and draws whoever dares to look into a surreal, busy natural landscape. Luis’ pieces can be seen as postcards of enriched, dreamlike experiences and invite the curious minds to get closer and closer – at their own peril! Many have successfully entered Luis’ jungles and forests, but a very few were able to leave them. It’s indeed very easy to get lost in the many details of Bivar’s fantastic landscapes.
In “Jungle”, for instance, we are surrounded by an absurd flora and fauna where a big diversity of flowers, reminding the poetic idyllic nature of Pre-Raphaelites paintings, hides weird elements, such as a tiki skull or a vintage superhero. In certain details, the vegetal theme that characterises Bivar’s production, underlining the intimate bond and co-dependency between humanity and the natural world.